Clients hawking with Harris Hawks on a Shropshire hillside - an experience many would like

Welcome to the world of Steve Wright Falconry

Steve Wright started flying birds of prey in 1976, starting with an injured kestrel. Since then he  founded and ran Heart of England Falconry in Stratford-upon-Avon until 2002, eventually taking an easier lifestyle and concentrating on outside displays in the summer months and hawking days in the winter. In this pleasant occupation he was aided (sometimes) by his renowned Hawkwise Brittanys who can always be seen with him. He finally "hung up his glove" in 2013, just keeping a pair of aged Harris Hawks for his personal use.

Steve has contributed significantly to modern falconry. The Independent Bird Register, and its annual Directory, are both products of his invention, as is their web-marketing site Birdmart. He also founded the precursor to the Falconry Fair, now a major national event. In those early days it was called a Falcon Show and was the first event to enable falconers to meet in numbers without the activity of a field meet to distract them.

Being based in a tourist area Steve developed a series of half-day course modules and became the first person to offer such experiences. Many people have since enjoyed these brief encounters with birds of prey at falconry centres up and down the country. Although decried by the purists of the day Steve believed it was important to get the average person "on side" rather than preserve a "chosen few" approach which was the norm years ago. Indeed it is this wish to make falconry accessible which made his displays a continuing success. His interest in providing good training in falconry lead him to volunteer to help with the establishment, by the Hawk Board, of the national diploma for Beginner Falconers. He is now the senior external verifier with a responsibility of developing and monitoring new assessors for Lantra, the accrediting agency.

Coming from a dog breeding family it is no surprise that Steve's Hawkwise Brittanys have made a name for themselves in the hawking field. He worked as a Guide Dog Trainer for over 20 years and sets high standards regarding working ethic, trainability, excellent temperament and physical soundness in his stock. His enthusiasm for the breed is such that he is always ready to help novice Brittany owners with their queries. He has worked 15 Brits to date and has seen many others in the field. He is currently Chairman of the Brittany Club of Great Britian.

Contact Steve on 01789 772413 or e-mail